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Board MLM Plan Software in INIDA

What is Board MLM Plan ?
 Board mlm plan software India The Board Plan is a unique system that makes your victory certain and gives you an opportunity to take benefit from the hard work of all the board members. The specific member will be entitled to a commission every time the Board Cycle entries are completed.

Once you have joined this Cycle Plan, a blank board will be allotted and you will be required to fill a few columns in coordination to the entry of your associates. The number and pattern of columns may differ with respect to companies. The commission is rewarded with the completion of columns with the associates.

The Board can be of any fixed structure like 1-2-4, 1-2-4-8, 1-2-4-8-16. Once the board is completely occupied, the board leader will switch to the next board by splitting the board.

MLM Software Board Joining Management

  • E-pin and Board Management
  • Auto Email/SMS
  • Member Registration Form
  • Associate Blank and Allocate Manage

MLM Software E-pin Management

  • Generate E-Pin Management
  • Utilized Epin
  • NonUtilized Epin
  • E-pin Status Report
  • E-pin Transfer To Associate/li>
  • E-pin Sell by Member

MLM Software Member Panel Feature

  • Manage Profile And Professional Details
  • Broadcast message
  • E-pin and Secure ID Management
  • Member E-PINs Management
  • Member Rank and details
  • Member Board Structure Management
  • Board Level Management
  • Registration Kit Receipt
  • Online Welcome Letter and Welcome Product Kit
  • Board Genealogy View
  • Borad Member details
  • Board Level Commission Report
  • Board Product Details
  • Monthly Total Turnover Report
  • Board Rank(%) By Level
  • Incentive Income
  • Reward / Royalty Income
  • Account Summary and Statement
  • E-Wallet Report
  • Online Bank Transfer Management
  • Online Internal Fund Transfer Management
  • Withdraw Balance and Ledger Account Report
  • Associate Wallet Details (Credit & Debit Note)
  • Auto Email and SMS Management

Admin Panel Feature For MLM Software

  • User Management (Associate User)
  • E-pin Generation As per Plan
  • Generate Package
  • Utilized E-pin Report
  • Non Utilized E-pin Report
  • Product and Board Level Management
  • Product Price Management
  • Manage Member Profile and status
  • Date Wise Member List
  • Genealogy / Tree View
  • Member Registration Report
  • Board Memeber dowline Details
  • Member A/C Balance and Ledger Report
  • All Member Account and billing Report
  • View Board Income and details
  • Lifetime And Royalty Income Report
  • View Incentive / Reward Income Report
  • Online Bank Transfer Request Report
  • Monthly Turnover Report
  • Board Commision Rank Details
  • Commission Level Report
  • Online Internal Fund Transfer Report
  • Generate Commission / Earning Payrole
  • Member Turnover Report
  • Associate Account Ledger and Summary
  • Tax and TDS Management System
  • Auto Email and SMS Integration

MLM Software Payroll/Account

  • Member Payment Statement
  • Generate Weekly Payout/ Income
  • Monthly Payroll Income Details
  • Associate Paid Payout Statement
  • Account & Billing Statement Report
  • Income/Expense Report
  • Reward and Incentive Report
MLM-Software / Website :
• 10 to 15 web page of Multilevel Markting Board / Networking Website
• Multilevel Business plan and income/incentive/reward Details
• Product page , About and compnay Overview page and contact page details
• Online Joining / registration Form and Login Details
• Borad Associate Plan Details
• Auto Sms and Email system

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