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Differential PV/BV MLM Plan Software in INIDA

What is Differential PV/BV MLM Plan ?
Differential PV/BV mlm plan software India The Differential PV/BV plan is works on total selling of whole month product's PV/BV and distribute commission % to the members. This MLM Plan is most reliable for those companies who depends on product selling and the re-purchase of products from existing distributors and franchise. In differential PV/BV MLM plan, commission and earnings are dependent on the difference between the downline and up line PV/BV %, therefore this plan is termed as "Differential plan". Percentage of commission will be increase as per generation level and total turnover of re-purchase.

Differential plan is based on, the purchase of BV/PV. The BV's/PV's area unit pre-defined for the several products. Once a member purchases the product, they can earn profit in the form of BV/PV. Normally re-purchase commission is calculated with product BVs/PVs. Self PVs/Own PVs - PVs are produced by re-purchase of products by the member. Down-line PVs, PVs produced by re-purchasing products by down-line members. Group PVs is a summary of self-re-purchase PVs and down-line PVs.

MLM Software Joining Management

  • E-pin and Repurchase Management
  • Auto Email/SMS Module
  • Distributor Registration Form
  • Franchise Registration Form

MLM Software E-pin Management

  • Generate E-Pin as Per Joining Package BV/PV
  • Utilized Epin Status
  • NonUtilized Epin Report
  • E-pin Send Via SMS and Email
  • E-pin Transfer Management
  • E-pin Sell by Distributor

MLM Software Member Panel Feature

  • Manage Profile And Details
  • broadcast message
  • E-pin and Joining Kit status Repport
  • Member E-PINs Management
  • Member Rank and Royalty Level
  • Registration Kit Receipt
  • Online Welcome Letter and Welcome Product Kit
  • Genealogy / Member Tree View
  • Generation Downline Member details
  • Direct Member details
  • Generation Member Views
  • Differential Commission Report
  • Repurchase Product Details
  • Monthly Total BV/PV Report
  • Total Turnover BV/PV Report
  • Royalty Rank(%) By Level
  • Lifetime / Repurchase Income
  • Reward / Royalty Income
  • Account Summary and billing
  • E-Wallet and transaction report
  • Online Bank Transfer Management
  • Online Internal Fund Transfer Management
  • Withdraw Balance and Ledger Account Report
  • Member Wallet Details (Credit & Debit Note)
  • Auto Email and SMS Management

Admin Panel Feature For MLM Software

  • User Management (Distributor , Franchise User)
  • E-pin Generation As per Packagekit
  • Generate Package (as per Bv/Pv)
  • Utilized E-pin Details
  • Non Utilized E-pin (Daily,Monthly)
  • Product and BV/PV Management
  • Product and Distributor Price Management
  • Repurchase Product Management
  • Manage Member (Distributor,Franchise User) Profile and status
  • Date Wise Distributor List
  • Date Wise Franchise List
  • Genealogy / Tree View Member
  • Member Registration Report
  • Generation Memeber dowline Details
  • Member A/C Balance and Ledger Report
  • All Distributor Account Report
  • All Franchise Account Report
  • View Direct Income and details
  • Repurchase And Royalty Income Report
  • View Incentive / Reward Income Report
  • Online Bank Transfer Request Report
  • Monthly Turnover Report
  • Repurchase Commision Rank Details
  • Generation Level Report
  • Online Internal Fund Transfer Report
  • Generate Commission / Earning Payrole
  • Member Turnover BV/PV Report
  • Member Account Ledger and Summary
  • Tax and TDS Management System
  • Member Maintaince Management System
  • Auto Email and SMS Integration

MLM Software Payroll/Account

  • Payment Statement
  • Generate Payout/ Income
  • Monthly Payroll All Income Report
  • Paid Payout Statement
  • Account Statement Report
  • Income/Expense Report
MLM-Software / Website :
• 10 to 15 web page of Multilevel Markting / Networking Website
• Multilevel Business plan and income/incentive/reward Details
• Product page , About and compnay Overview page and contact page details
• Online Joining / registration Form and Login Details
• Auto Sms and Email system

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