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Uni-Level MLM Plan Software in INIDA

What is Uni-Level MLM Plan ?
uni Level mlm plan software India Unilevel MLM Plan permit you to sponsor only one line of distributors, so everyone you sponsor is on your forehead. There are no limitations in width of the Plan and fees are normally paid on a limited depth. There is no restriction for width i.e. a members can sponsor unlimited in width under his/her frontline.
In Uni-Level MLM plan each member can recruits new member in the front line. Each affiliate can introduce new customer or member in any width and the commission distributed up to a fixed limited depth as per MLM level plan.
This MLM Unilevel Plan is one of the simplest concepts in network marketing and multilevel market industry. Every individual or small company can easily convey and explain this Unilevel Plan to new comers and MLM Business affiliates.
Regular redemption plans pay anywhere between 8 and 9 levels deep or infinite Level deeps as per Unilevel Plan. The objective of this unilevel redemption MLM plan is to recruit many users of the team first and then line them even. Unilevel Plan is considered in such way that it is easy to understand for anyone member or user.
DNG Web Tech is one of best mlm software development company in Ahmedabad India who designed, integrated redemption plan and developed many Unilevel Plan and provided guidence of their specialist team of MLM Software Developer.
• Simplicity of MLM Unilevel Plan through which easy to explain and deliver for new member or Associate..
• Compensation level customized and modify as per company requirements.
• Reward , Incentive and Level Income integration easy at any level or frontline.

uni Level mlm plan software India

MLM Software Member Panel Feature

  • Online MLM Member / Associate Registration
  • Online Joing System
  • E-pin and Secure ID systems
  • Member E-PINs Management
  • Member Profile and Account
  • Registration and Billing Receipt
  • Online Welcome Letter and Welcome Product Kit
  • Genealogy / Member Tree View
  • Downline Member details
  • Binary Income / Leg Income
  • Incentive Income
  • Reward Income
  • Account Summary (Daily , Weekly and Monthly)
  • E-Wallet Report
  • Online Bank Transfer Management
  • Online Internal Fund Transfer Management
  • Withdraw Balance and Ledger Account Report
  • Member Wallet Details (Credit & Debit Note)
  • Member Total turnover Report
  • Auto Email and Sms Management

Admin Panel Feature For MLM Software

  • Online MLM Member / Associate Registration
  • E-pin Generation and Management systems
  • Generate/Issue E-PIN Report
  • Used E-pin Report
  • Manage Member Profile and status
  • Date Wise Member List
  • Genealogy / Tree View
  • Member Joing Report
  • View Binary / Leg Income
  • Member A/C Balance and Ledger Report
  • All Member Account Report
  • View Direct Income
  • View Incentive / Reward Income Report
  • Online Bank Transfer Request Report
  • Online Internal Fund Transfer Report
  • Generate Commission / Earning Payrole
  • Member Turnover Report
  • Member Account Ledger and Summary
  • Tax and TDS Management System
  • Auto Email and SMS Integration
MLM-Software / Website :
• 10 to 15 web page of Multilevel Markting / Networking Website
• Multilevel Business plan and income/incentive/reward Details
• Product page , About and compnay Overview page and contact page details
• Online Joining / registration Form and Login Details
• Auto Sms and Email system

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