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Multi Level Marketing (MLM) website or online software is the web platform for the distribution of products and Services related to MLM company, where by Member / User earn money by delivering products or Services to other member in the same plan.
Why DNG WEB TECH for MLM Software Development?
MLM Software plays a vital role for prosperous multi-level marketing corporates. DNG WEB TECH which is a primary MLM Software company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, offers best MLM Software solutions for all multi-level marketing establishments, which can be MLM business start-ups or a giant. Our entirely featured Online MLM Software empowers MLM businesses to manage and route their direct vending business more effectually towards a fruitful way. Our protected, dependable, user friendly and Web Founded Best MLM Software delivers easy tracking of clienteles, helps in generating various reports concerning sales and revenue. It provides analytical and graphic presentation in categorized structure.

We offer free MLM software demo for our patrons who want to evaluate its features and functionality. Consequently, send us inquiry for MLM Software demo and proximately we will support you to guide and deliver best MLM Software solution with affordable prices.

Our technical team is our central strength. We have a proven track record. We have formulated number of MLM Compensation Plans to integrate in our MLM software, which fulfil all your need. Below are the plans that you can select from:

Binary MLM Plan Software

What is Binary MLM plan software ?
Binary plan is similar to 2 x n matrix plan where n is the number of levels where commission / income can be generated from. In most Binary redemption plans, the n is actually infinite. The distributor own what are known as income / Binary income / PV.
The MLM Binary Plan is a very popular plan for MLM companies. Simplicity of this plan makes it favorite of network marketing companies and MLM Marketers. The plan allows to earn income to many levels below irrespective of their direct joinee or efforts.
MLM companies where new joiner Member introduced into Binary Tree structure Like one on left and another on right sub tree. Generally, one side sub tree is referred to as Power leg while other is Profit leg.

Matrix MLM plan software?

What is Matrix MLM plan software?
Matrix MLM is based on a redemption structure which consist of certain width and depth. Members which are organized in a particular width and depth are redempted when they achieve a set level. The MLM Company can set structure for their members to qualify a particular level that may be 3 in width and 3 in depth. A Matrix, or sometimes called a Forced Matrix, is simply a structure (genealogy tree) that has a limited width and limited depth.
Matrix tree can be of 2*2, 3*3, 4*4,....,n*n. All the positions of members or user in the matrix plan are sequentially positioned from Left to right and top to bottom. For example tree structure is of 3*3 that means one user can have 3 members in his down line as a direct and will be paid for 3 levels. "spillover" is also one of the most attractive features to new members since they only need to sponsor only set width 'n' number of members to participate in the compensation plan.

Unilevel MLM Plan Software

What is Unilevel MLM Plan ? Unilevel MLM Plan permit you to sponsor only one line of members, so everyone you sponsor is on your forehead. There are no limitations in width of the Plan and fees are normally paid on a limited depth. There is no restriction for width so members can sponsor unlimited in width under his/her frontline.
In UniLevel MLM plan each member can recruits new member in the first raw. Each affiliate can introduce new customer / member in any width and the commission distributed up to a fixed limited depth as per Uni Level MLM plan.

Re-Purchase MLM Plan Software

What is Re-Purchase MLM Plan ? The purely product selling MLM plan is Repurchase plan. It is a product selling motivational MLM plan in which each affiliate or member promoter their downline to sale of products and gets level income on particular level achievement and Reward on particular target achievement.
The Repurchase MLM Plan especially for those Companies which are manufacturer or supplier of consumable products and want to sale their products directly to the end users.
So if you are planning to start selling product to a new customer, it is definite that you need a Repurchase MLM Software, you also need to have the perfect Repurchase MLM plan.The repurchase MLM Plan is a concept which is based on selling product and profit sharing MLM business.

Generation Plan MLM Software

What is Generation MLM Plan ? A generation is the starting from upper leg to bottom leg. Among different member plans in MLM, generation plan is considered as the most important plan. Because of an end number of attributes, generation plan is suitable plan over various other plans. For a newbie in MLM also, the generation plan holds a very important position. If the generation plan is effective, then there are more chances for a person to get success in his efforts.

Board Plan MLM Software

What is Board MLM Plan ? The Board Plan is a unique system that makes your victory certain and gives you an opportunity to take benefit from the hard work of all the board members. The specific member will be entitled to a commission every time the Board Cycle entries are completed.

Differential PV/BV MLM Plan Software

What is Differential PV/BV MLM Plan ? The Differential PV/BV plan is works on total selling of whole month product's PV/BV and distribute commission % to the members. This MLM Plan is most reliable for those companies who depends on product selling and the re-purchase of products from existing distributors and franchise. In differential PV/BV MLM plan, commission and earnings are dependent on the difference between the downline and up line PV/BV %, therefore this plan is termed as "Differential plan". Percentage of commission will be increase as per generation level and total turnover of re-purchase

Investment MLM Plan Software

What is Investment MLM Plan ? Investment plan depends on scheme of company's policy. In this plant company distribute some % of investment and royalty to their members. These types of MLM plans are not legal in India so be carefull to chose these types of Investmnet MLM plans. You have other options for select your MLM plan like Generation Plan, Binary MLM plan.

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